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Blasting the MYTH: What Does SENSUAL Really Mean and Why You Must Know


TRUTH: Sensual or Sensuality is definitely NOT synonymous with sex. However, feeling sensual can arouse sexual desire, lead to intimate love making and also add to the intimacy in your sexual experience.

And that’s where the sensual meaning gets tricky and confusing. So, in this introduction to your sensuality, please go with me to the very first meaning of sensual in the dictionary. This is the core meaning of sensual and this is the way to your needs and desires. So, let’s get started:

The TRUE Meaning of SENSUAL:

In the dictionary, sensual has a simple definition… the first definition:
*pertaining to the gratification of the senses / the senses being:
sight… sound… taste… touch… smell
… as in arousing or exciting the senses.

Certain things you see, hear, taste, touch and smell make you feel good, special, happy and an array of several emotions, individual to only you. Each of these senses can be experienced in a sexual context AND… these senses can also be enjoyed totally in a non-sexual way.

Your sensuality is a whole body experience… living in the moment, in the NOW. And each sensually delicious experience is a positive trigger to how you feel… your personal emotions. As an example, it’s possible a sensual woman fully enjoys these sensations:

Do you permit yourself to embrace the touch of bare skin, the coolness of a satin nightgown? Do you allow yourself time to experience nature’s beauty? What about music? Can you get sexy with tango, romantic with the songs of Andrea Bocelli, feel classy while listening to Mozart, perhaps with a glass of wine? Or covet a new designer handbag that makes you feel so elegant and fashionable? Do you allow yourself to drink in the sensual sensation of our abundant world, and experience the moments fully, free and completely?

What Does SENSUAL Mean To YOU            

For me, take the example of the ‘sensual, sleepy kitties’ in the photo. These are my kitties, DaVinci and Cora. I love to TOUCH their soft fur, HEAR their cuddly, sleepy purrs, SEE them wrapped in each other’s arms and SMELL their sweet aroma of mint(because during the day, they hide in the mint bushes at the side of the house.) Even looking at this photo is a sensual experience for me… I really can smell the mint!

NOW… What Makes YOU Feel Both Sensual AND Sexy?
Go through all 5 senses: SIGHT, SOUND, TASTE, TOUCH, SMELL. And write down your sensual feelings. When you even think about ‘sensual and sexy’, I’m sure you’re transported into another space – way beyond the story of my ‘sensual, sleepy, kitties.’

Do you see now how the word sensual can be so confusing? And why so many people put their head in a dubious space when I say ‘sensual woman?’

A SENSUAL WOMAN is one who realizes the power of her sensuality – using her 5 senses to magically transport her through any emotion and feeling. A sensual woman can reinvent, renew and restore herself just by exploring her senses. 

So make some time to enjoy your sensual side… determine the experience that ‘triggers’ a deeply, sensual feeling for you. Maybe a long soak in the tub, soft fresh-smelling towels, lighted candles, or a romantic dinner with a lover, OR
taking yourself on a date to fantastic restaurant. Go shopping! Really pay attention to your sensual ‘triggers’ and
then you’ll get to know your sensual self. 

Remember: When a woman neglects her sensual side, she loses a vital and natural part of herself.
This is Truth.

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